We provide knowledge and advice to help companies better understand and work with St. Louis’ growing multicultural consumer market. We can organize multicultural and ethnic focus groups, connect you with ethnic community leaders, provide demographic and other important information, and otherwise help.

We work with clients to assess their needs and customize a service package. After services are provided, we can follow up to assess progress and measure improvement in your multicultural marketing efforts.

Market Research

We can help you more intimately understand your multicultural consumer base. Insights gained will help you better understand consumer behavior and the impact of environmental factors.

Promotional & Customer Engagement

Customer engagement in emerging multicultural markets can be a difficult challenge for companies that lack sufficient experience marketing to or servicing an ethnic consumer base. We have a strong conceptual understanding and broad day-to-day experience with ethnic groups across St. Louis. So, we can help you tailor your promotional mix to your target cultural group and serve as a Business Engagement Point to multicultural and ethnic markets within St. Louis.

Contact Kelly Moore at (314) 773-9090 ext. 163 or at moorek@iistl.org.