In response to the growing need for high quality language and cultural resources, the International Institute of St. Louis launched the II Business Solutions Center (IIBSC) in 1995. Our region’s businesses and organizations were clamoring for top-notch and dependable interpretation and translation services, especially in languages, which were, at least at that time, uncommon to the region.

Today, IIBSC’s services annually contribute the bottom line of more than 350 businesses, in St. Louis, around Missouri, and the world. Value-added is our capacity to offer specialists proficient in languages that are frequently uncommon in the Midwest, for instance, in Swahili, Nepalese, Oromo, Arabic, and Dari. That role is unique and largely derived from our historic refugee resettlement role in the region. As the St. Louis region’s only refugee resettlement sponsor, we can anticipate evolving language needs and recruit language professionals over time.

The breadth of IIBSC’s services has grown as well. Annually, the International Institute, our region’s Welcome Center for New Americans, serves more than 7,000 immigrants and refugees from  80 countries. Our deep roots in St. Louis, spanning nearly 100 years, has ensured that we have our fingers on the pulse of our many immigrant and native-born communities.

For example, we know that helping each employee identify and appreciate differences at a company can improve business productivity.  In addition, we know that identifying and appreciating common values and behaviors among all people is essential to build positive and lasting connections.

We pass our knowledge and expertise on to you — our customer – in countless ways. Learn more about the International Institute leaders, who are here to help you.